MTAC Mixed Doubles Tennis Box League results as of 2010-12-21

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BoxNamePointsMatch Scores
1Jim Whalen1X_1_
1Rob Reimer0_X__
1Jim Brekovsky73_X4
1Mike Mazanec2__2X
2Dan La Rose4X4__
2Alex Nowak102X44
2John Cleveland1_1X_
2Curt Signorino1_1_X
3Maurice Vaughan7X4_3
3Denver Miller11X__
3Micheal Moss1__X1
3Sal DeBiase52_3X
4Steve Zilora4X__4
4Ed Schwartz0_X__
4Andy Randisi0__X_
4Don Hsieh11__X
5Bruno Chalifour0X___
5Eric Troske0_X__
5Tim Hammer0__X_
5Steve Lopes0___X

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